Add BBC Internet Radio Stations to Rhythmbox in Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin


I have just finished installing Ubuntu 12.04 (Precise Pangolin). One of the first post-installation job for me is setting up the default Music Player Rhythmbox (creating play lists, installing necessary GStreamer Plugins (which is absolutely painless) and adding Internet Radio Stations). One of my favorite Radio Stations  is The BBC Asian Network.

Here is how to add all the available BBC Radio Stations to Rhythmbox in two steps.

Step 1:   Choose Your Favorite Station:

The only thing you need is the web link to your favorite BBC Station. Choose the link for your favorite Station from the following list. Don’t click on the link! Yeah, just right click on it and Copy the URL. If you are using Firefox, right click on the link and select ‘Copy Link Location‘.

BBC National Radio:

Radio 1 :

Radio 1 Xtra :

Radio 2 :

Radio 3 :

Radio 4 :

Radio 4 Longwave :

Radio 4 Extra :

Radio 5 Live :

Radio5 Live Sport Extra :

Radio 6 Music :

Asian Network :

 BBC World Service Radio:

World Service:

World Service-English News :

 Science & Health:

Discovery :

Science in Action :

This list is incomplete. If your favorite Station is not listed here, no worries. You will definitely find them in the following two links. Yes, you will have to click on these two links.

Link 1 : World Service Stations :

On this page, find your favorite BBC World Service Station, right click on the corresponding link and copy its URL location.

Link 2 : Nations & Local Stations:

On this page, you will find links to Nations Radio Stations like Radio Scotland and Local Radio Stations like BBC Oxford. Go to the section ‘IP Streaming Services‘, find your favorite Station in one of the tables. Right click on the corresponding link in the ‘Windows Media Live‘ column.

Step 2 : Add Link to Rhythmbox Radio:

Once you have copied the URL of the Radio Station, open Rhythmbox and press Cntrl+I, you will see that the URL you copied in the first step is automatically added in the text box of the pop up window. Click ‘Add‘. That’s it. Double click the newly added Radio Station and Enjoy!

To change the title of the station to a recognizable one, right click on the title and click ‘Properties‘.